Riverbed Rivercast Optimize Your Opportunity By Evolving Your SteelHead Install Base

Join us for this exciting session where we will walk you through the massive opportunity currently available from harvesting your SteelHead install base and evolving your customers’ networks to become cloud-ready.

When:  May 3rd at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time 

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In this Rivercast, we will:

  • Highlight key points and value propositions you can position with your customers on why they should upgrade
  • Suggest ways that you can expand your opportunity through positioning the broader Riverbed portfolio
  • Walk through the key supporting elements we have available to optimize your sales effort

You will also gain a better understanding of the Riverbed Trade-Up Program:

  • Customer Value Prop – common pain points your customer may be looking to solve and how to position why they would want to upgrade 
  • Expanding the Opportunity – cross-sell the broader Riverbed portfolio 
  • Success Stories – real-life examples of how sales teams have found success 
  • Trade-Up Program – leverage Riverbed’s Trade-Up program to entice your customers to upgrade and their eligibility for credit 

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Article Date: 4/17/2017