​Oracle Announces Industry's First Cloud-Native, Intelligent Security and Management Suite 

Building on its multi-year investment to define and provide the next generation of cyber security and systems management solutions, Oracle recently announced the availability of the industry’s first cloud-native, intelligent security and management suite. This new set of integrated suites—Oracle Identity Security Operations Center (SOC) portfolio of services and Oracle Management Cloud—will help enterprises forecast, reduce, detect, and resolve cybersecurity threats and assist in efforts to remediate application and infrastructure performance issues.

By using artificial intelligence to both analyze a unified data set consisting of the full breadth of security and operational telemetry as well as provide automated remediation, Oracle’s integrated suite enables customers to quickly adapt their security and operational posture as their risk landscape changes. This application of machine learning can potentially help thwart attacks, reduce the detection window from months to minutes, and more quickly address security breaches and performance outages.


Article Date: 11/1/2017