Tech Data and NetApp joined forces to create a strong partnership, blending NetApp’s excellence in management of enterprise data with Tech Data’s industry-leading electronic distribution practices. NetApp, based in Sunnyvale, CA, offers innovative solutions focused on today’s hottest IT drivers: virtualization, messaging, back-up / recovery, file services and business applications. NetApp’s channel-centric business model helps partners grow their business and maximize profitability. They are recognized throughout the industry for continually pushing the limits of today’s technology, enabling their customers to save money and acquire the capabilities they need to be successful. With NetApp’s technologies, their customers are able to: 
  • Reduce their data center footprint by 50%
  • Boost storage utilization by 200% and storage system performance by up to 400%
  • Achieve up to 166% ROI as a result of data center transformation. 

NetApp’s initiatives align with Tech Data’s business goals to assist our customers in growing faster, more easily and cost-effectively.

FSA One Frameworks™ by Tech Data

Tech Data’s new FSA One Frameworks™ speeds and simplifies the FlexPod® sales motion for Tech Data reseller partners, while setting the stage for new FlexPod service offerings.

The converged infrastructure stack known as FlexPod® has provided a great sales opportunity to NetApp’s and Cisco’s joint data center reseller partners, while ramping revenue for both NetApp and Cisco in the process.

Partners have used FlexPod to become more relevant to their customers, increase account control, and grow services revenue. But due to FlexPod’s extremely flexible technical and sales models, certain processes as registration, pricing, and quoting on the sales side, and sizing and configuration on the technical side, have proven confusing and/or burdensome to some partners.

Furthermore, some customers - especially in the enterprise space - while valuing the flexibility afforded by the FlexPod model, have expressed a desire to see greater structure and “productization” brought into the FlexPod space, along with certain value-added services that require a more structured platform for widespread delivery.

FSA One Frameworks addresses these concerns and requests. The solution consists of a set of pre-validated, pre-sized, fully-integrated configurations, designed to cover the majority of sizings and use cases for common customer applications.

Tech Data is the only North American distributor capable of selling and delivering these configurations as part of a high-velocity sales motion.

Please review the FSA One Frameworks Briefcase for up-to-date information.  It includes our "Overview Video"

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NetApp’s initiatives align with Tech Data’s business goals to assist our customers in growing faster,
more easily and cost-effectively.

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