Software Maintenance (SWMA) Amnesty Extension

IBM TSS announced the extension of the 2020 Software Maintenance (SWMA) Amnesty Program through December 31, 2020.


  • 100% ALF waiver for SWMA services applicable to IBM Power and IBM Storage

When SWMA has lapsed, a customer must normally pay a reinstatement fee, known as an After License Fee (ALF), in addition to SWMA to obtain license upgrades and support. This program is designed to encourage clients to reinstate lapsed SWMA, removing ALF as a potential inhibitor and helping clients to protect their IT investment and maximize system availability.

This program is rarely offered and is a substantial savings for clients, who may unknowingly be exposed with lapsed SWMA coverage, or who find the ALF re-establishment fees to be prohibitive.

Article Date: 7/31/2020