IBM Storage Badge Bootcamps

IBM Storage Systems Badge Bootcamps

Attend these bootcamps to gain the knowledge to understand IBM’s storage solutions and also provide you with the skills to pass the badge quizzes. The Hybrid Multicloud is a foundational badge that will allow you to obtain other sales badges but obtaining this badge. The Enterprise Badges are required to sell the IBM S3 Category of Storage products. The DS8 and Tape products. The older certifications will expire 9/30 so obtain these badges to continue your authorization.

Hybrid Multicloud Badge Bootcamp
August 25  |   2pm – 5pm EST  |  Register

Enterprise Storage Sale Badge Bootcamp
September 1  |  11am – 1pm EST  |  Register

Enterprise Storage Technical Badge Bootcamp
September 1  |  2pm – 4pm EST  |  Register 

IBM Storage Software Certification Bootcamps

If you are looking to sell IBM’s Spectrum Family of software through PPA, you need to have 1 Sales and 2 Technical certifications to participate in the Software Incentive program and Deal Registration. Join Tech Data and IBM to help you prepare for the required certifications.

IBM Spectrum Storage Software Solution Advisor V6 - Sales

August 20  |  2pm CST  |  Register

IBM Spectrum Storage Solution Architect V2 – Technical

August 27  |  2pm EST  |  Register

Article Date: 8/1/2020