Tech Data HPE Power Shift: HPE GreenLake Simulation

Tech Data is proud to announce Power Shift, a unique, simulation experience that shows the value of HPE GreenLake in a real-world scenario. Power Shift participants walk away with a comprehensive outlook of how HPE GreenLake positively impacts various business units within an organization, including C-suite, management, and operations. This program is available not only to our valued HPE Channel Partners, but it is an offering that can be positioned for their end-customers to experience as well.

The world is changing more than ever for end-user customers. For businesses to keep up with the fast-pace changes and unique demands of the market, Consumption IT is the way of the future for growing businesses to ensure they only pay for what they use, align their IT costs with revenue, and are then able to invest those exponential IT savings towards innovation. HPE GreenLake offers the full HPE Portfolio as-a-service in a Hybrid IT environment that leverages the best of both worlds on-prem and cloud infrastructure. By experiencing Power Shift, Tech Data HPE Channel Partners and/or their end-user customers will be able to see the value of HPE GreenLake in action.

To learn more about this program, visit the Tech Data HPE Power Shift webpage and view the infosheet on MAX. 

Questions? Contact your Tech Data HPE Sales Representative or Tiana Goodman, Vendor Marketing Manager – HPE Solutions at

Article Date: 11/15/2019