Tech Data Aruba Aptitude

Meet the evolving networking needs of your customers

As wireless and IoT devices proliferate, networking requirements are changing rapidly. Aruba Aptitude is a 7-week training series, presented by Tech Data and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, that provides you the information needed for you to have strategic discussions with your customers about how to respond to these evolving requirements and offer the right solution from Aruba’s portfolio of networking products.

Watch the first video for an overview of Aruba's Product Portfolio, from wireless access points and switches to beacons, tags, and management software. Increase your sales acumen—watch the training now!

Did you know the increasing use of wireless devices also increases the need for wired switching capacity to aggregate the wireless access points? Or that VoIP phones, security cameras, and smart building solutions also require smarter switching to deliver smooth operation and security? The second module in the series covers Aruba’s switching portfolio. Watch the training now and learn how those trends are making wired switches more important than ever.

The explosion of mobile, BYOD, cloud and IoT has resulted in the need for a new approach to deal with ever-changing security threats. Watch the third training video to see how Aruba ClearPass and 360 Secure Fabric solutions can close your customers’ network security gaps.

Branch networks are changing rapidly to keep up with the rising challenges facing today's networks. Learn how Aruba Software-Defined Branch is using an architectural approach to simplify the delivery of branch requirements to unify network services that were traditionally managed and designed with distinct operational silos.

As today’s IT environments are shifting to become more agile, flexible and mobile-first, learn how Aruba Central Cloud Management can provide your customers with benefits and features to accommodate shifting needs with infrastructure management and simplified monitoring that place comprehensive network visibility and control into a single platform.

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Article Date: 5/16/2019