Flexible Fusion: HPE + Microsoft ROK Training

Equip Your Customers with the Best Combination of Software and Hardware

Since the introduction of Microsoft® Windows Server 2016 and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Gen10 Servers, many businesses are looking to upgrade their server infrastructures. This presents a brand new sales opportunity to speak to your customers about both their hardware and software needs.

HPE sells Microsoft Windows Server licenses in a number of ways and there are a lot of different options. To ensure that your customers purchase the right HPE Servers with the right Microsoft Windows Server editions, the HPE OEM Microsoft Windows Server Reseller Option Kit (ROK) was developed. ROK provides partners and their customers with simplicity in ordering, affordable pricing, easy purchase and setup, and the confidence of knowing they have the best possible combination of HPE hardware and Microsoft software to power their business.

Tech Data HPE has launched a new two-week Partner training program on ROK. It is designed specifically for Tech Data Channel Partners that sell HPE server and storage solutions and/or Microsoft licensing.

Week One: What is ROK & Upcoming Market Opportunities

Take a high-level look at what’s happening in security and product End of Life Support that is creating a large and unique market opportunity for ROK to fill. Learn the details of ROK and what’s included, followed by who exactly ROK is meant for and why it’s a great potential option for you as a Tech Data HPE Partner.

Week Two: Effective ROK Pitch and Benefits to Customers

Learn the ROK value prop and how it benefits your customers. Start with the basic elevator pitch, and then dive into each of the other elements: financial benefits, technical support, advantages over stand-alone Microsoft licenses, promotions and incentives that are available. Then close by looking at the applicable SKUs and resources available.

Article Date: 7/5/2019