Earn $$ for Dell EMC Server Deals!

Offer your customers powerful reasons to upgrade to the latest generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and earn $$!

Servers are more important than ever to how your customers deliver IT solutions that solve business problems. Dell EMC's latest generation of PowerEdge servers include differentiated technology, intelligent automation, integrated security and a scalable business architecture that can stretch from small business to large enterprise to service provider.
Earn $250 for each approved Deal Registration and an additional $1,000 when you close the deal within the specified time frame!
Deal Incentive Period 1

Deal Registration Approval:
July 24 - Aug 4 | limit 5 winners

Deal Must Close:
Aug 5 - Nov 3 | limit 5 winners      

Deal Incentive Period 2

Deal Registration Approval:
Aug 5 - Nov 3 | limit 25 winners
Nov 4 - Feb 2 | limit 20 winners

Deal Must Close:
Nov 4 - Feb 28 | limit 15 winners
Eligible Products: 4-Socket Rack, 4-Socket Blade, & 2-Socket Blade PowerEdge configurations (M630, M630p, M830, R830, R930, FX2, FC430, FC630, FC830, VRTX, M1000e)

Incentive Guidelines
  • Deal Registration must be submitted by Distribution
  • Deal Registration must be approved by Dell EMC
  • Limit one Deal Registration winner per end customer

Article Date: 8/1/2017