Tech Data Security Partners Get Cisco Fire Jumper Certified 


Tech Data Cisco partners getting ready for the Cloud, Web and Email Security training hosted at the Cisco office in St.Petersburg, FL. Tech Data instructors take them through stages 3 and 4 certification level content. 

By Devin Creer

On April 17-19, 2018, Tech Data welcomed 21 Cisco security partners intersted in reaching their Stage 4 Fire Jumper status to the Cisco office in St.Petersburg, FL to learn the Cisco cloud security portfolio. 

Tech Data intructors led partners through modules to learn how to lead customer engagements from sizing, scoping, and design through demonstration and Proof-of-Value (POV). There are 4 tracks within the Cisco security portfolio that a partner can be a certified Fire Jumper.

The cloud security services market is expected to reach $9 billion by 2020 according to estimates from Gartner. The Fire Jumper training is a way for Cisco security partners to help their customers adapt in the multi-cloud era. 

Cisco security products covered in the Cloud, Web and Email security Fire Jumper training include:

  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Cloudlock 
  • WSA 
  • Email Security

The sophistication of the hacker economy resonated with attendees as the content throughout the training highlighted the importance of moving beyond selling point-in-time security products. 

"The Fire Jumper training has been invaluable in gaining an understanding of Cisco's vision for security through well played product acquisition," said Todd Ellis, CTO of Secure Networkers.

"We have knowledge of the products and how they interact with each other and the ability to build real solutions that allow our clients to have visibility across the attack spectrum." 

Missed the Fire Jumper training but still want to learn how you can close more cloud security deals? Register for our upcoming Cisco Umbrella webinar to learn about current cloud security market trends and how to close more business through a Cisco Umbrella demo. 

Crack the Code to Cloud Security Revenue with Cisco Umbrella  
June 6, 2018
3:00pm EST

Tech Data provides an array of end-to-end trainings, programs and consultations to help you gain market share and differentiate your security practice by moving beyond perimeter security and taking advantage of Cisco’s broad security portfolio. Our Cisco security enablement platform allows you to get inside the mind of an attacker and address security challenges with your customers through high-touch security framework consultations aimed to help transform your practice. We provide partners with specialization strategies, certification plans, profitability analysis along with sales and technical trainings to help you jumpstart your recurring revenue business through our POV program and incident response. 

To learn more about how to differentiate your security practice with a Cisco Fire Jumper certification, reach out to to get started today.  

Article Date: 5/11/2018