Check Point is a security company that sells two main types of products: Security Gateways (HW and SW options) and Management for the gateways (HW and SW options). The latest platform for the product is R76. This uses a container/blade format.  Each product needs to have a container and additional blades can then be added to the containers to create custom solutions.

  • Container: The container is the home for blades.  It is not a physical unit — it’s more of a virtual holding place for blades; the lunch box if you will. There are containers for gateways and for management. Every appliance already acts as a container, so no additional container must be purchased for these (unless you’re trying to add a management blade to a gateway appliance or vice versa — in this case check the pricelist to see what the rules are for each appliance).  If a customer is buying software only (for example running on a 3rd party server) they will always need a container for blades.
  • Blades: The blades represent the actual software functionaity being purchased.  There are gateway blades and management blades – these are virtual. Nothing actually ships unless it’s bundled on an appliance.

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