Mobility has rapidly become much more than a value-added feature. In fact, its rapid adoption has led mobility to be called IT's "Third Platform," and that is no surprise. It’s what professionals and consumers expect, and has become a necessity for businesses to remain competitive.

Tech Data was an early adopter and has been delivering mobile solutions since 2004. With our breadth of mobility experience, we can move your business onto the Third Platform with ease, leaving your business poised to take advantage of the growth in mobile traffic while maintaining consistency across your brands.

As mobile traffic rises, so does your customer’s expectations. If you aren’t ready to compete in the mobile arena then you aren't ready to compete, period.

Mobility opportunity abounds: $14.4 billion in total worldwide revenue by 2019. In fact, 40% of enterprise IT budgets will in spending on mobility products by 2018.*

IDC, Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Applications Forecast, 2015–2019, Doc#US40630515, Dec 2015

It’s a challenge to implement a mobile solution without creating a management nightmare on the back end. Let us do the heavy-lifting. We will implement technology choices that maximize the ease of your transition.

Our architects create an experience that blurs the lines between offline and online channels. Now you won’t need to sacrifice consistency for functionality.

Reach More

Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic in the U.S., and your customers expect a robust and consistent mobile experience. Mobility is no longer an optional value-added feature, it has become a necessity to reach your new and existing customers.


As an early-adopter, we have been engineering mobile solutions for more than a decade. Our experience in the mobile space means we can help you make scalable and enduring technology choices that will stand up to your business needs.


Perhaps what is most valuable is the front-end strategy component you won’t find with other technology systems integrators. With Tech Data Technology Solutions, you get the added ingredients that make your mobile solutions a success story and ultimately allows you to reach more customers.