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Tech Data Education Solutions

In North America Tech Data Education Solutions operates under two portfolios – ExitCertified and Tech Data Academy, each with a unique set of offerings for our partners and end users.

ExitCertified has more than a decade of experience as a B2B education delivery partner for the world’s top technology brands. Tech Data Academy is aligned to meet the needs of our vast partner network, teaching the technical skills and expertise required to sell and service these same technologies.

Education & Training Services

Get more from your hardware and software investments with comprehensive and customizable training.

  • Learn from award-winning instructors with real-world experience. Deploying software and hardware solutions in complex environments isn't an easy task. Don't settle for those who only have textbook experience
  • Develop a training roadmap. Choose private, on-site or virtual training and customize curriculum and classes to ensure the most effective learning experience. Self-paced courses and annual learning subscriptions are available for individual learning
  • Access and participate from anywhere. With our iMVP®, Individual Multi Media Video Presence, discover a variety of courses from almost anywhere and interact with the instructor as if you were sitting in the classroom
  • Choose "Beyond-the-Classroom" support for our mentoring services after the class ends for greater retention and success

Tech Data Academy leverages a vast network of in-house instructors and partners who develop and teach courses that cater to a company’s IT environment and business needs.

Lock in Savings with a Flex Account / ATC’s

The Flex Account/ATC provides one account to manage all vendor training needs. Take advantage of the discounted pricing structure and experience simplified administration with ease of tracking, managing and maintaining of your training dollars.

Get the IT training courses and technical certifications from anywhere around the world

Tech Data Education Solutions has training facilities across North America to provide a place to work towards a technical certification and various training modalities that will fit your learning style, budget and logistical needs. See our vendor certifications.