From March 2012, one of the biggest software companies in the world joined to Tech Data Technology Solutions’ (TS) line of business: Oracle. Our country is an attractive market for this world giant and the objective is to fully compete within the ecosystem with partners generating value for the final client and the brand.


Who are we?

Tech Data is the main buyer from Oracle products in the world; this means that we are present in 39 countries. From that perspective, Chile is interesting for us since it is a referent from Oracle technology point of view, and joins to Brazilian and Mexican markets where is present already. In the business model that is proposed by this international manufacturer, our objective is to add value to each one of channels in the partner’s network of the American company present in Chile. This specifically means to put value regarding training, and also market orientation through the channel so we can share all the opportunities that rise.  


What does this marketing strategy mean for Chilean market?

It allows to built an strong arm that will specifically let us to leave the traditional wholesale system, ignoring transaction solutions, and adding added value by detecting market opportunities along with partners. Tech Data is today the only wholesaler in conditions to trade all the technologic stock of the brand (Software, Hardware, and Applications). The idea is to develop the brand and include a greater quantity of clients and partners’ loyalty so increasing needs can be covered.


What is Tech Data’s value to Oracle channel?

It means an attractive proposition and a big challenge to give all our knowledge of the industry and products to each member of the distribution channel, and not only in demand creation, but also sharing along with business’ maturity and closing. We are going to offer a great amount of events and sponsorship, and any other activity that they require. We have been well welcomed by the channel, which is part of a very aggressive posture that we have as a company.


What competitive advantages will Tech Data be able to offer to the channel?

Our company has a great channels’ network that belong to a series of important brands that allow us to reach different kinds of markets. On the other hand, to be one of the main buyers from Oracle worldwide make us a leading actor within this company. We own several demo centers, which have the latest available technology such as Exadata, Exalitycs, ODA, etc; all these are in condition to offer any kind of demonstration and proof of concept (POC). In addition, our position within the brand allows us to face any kind of project regardless its magnitude. The channel trusts us, and we support them directly and indirectly in project funding through a number of alliances.    





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