NetApp offers innovative solutions for administering and storing data that allow our customers to move forward in their business and increase profits spectacularly. We boost simple and edgy systems and make all possible efforts to guarantee our customers get the best possible results. This philosophy has led us to be one of the main data administration and storage suppliers nowadays.  

Customers all over the world prefer us for our constant improvement philosophy and our wide solution portfolio for business apps, storage systems for virtual servers, disk to disk backup and much more. Our solutions guarantee uninterrupted availability of key data for companies, and ease processes so as to allow the incorporation of new functions with total security and to obtain benefits more quickly.     

Witness our passion for helping companies from all over the world to expand their horizons and grow at giant steps.  

The exploration of edgy technology work performed by NetApp helps to define the future of data administration and storage. We explore ideas and technology so as to find new means for us to make differences from which organizations like yours can be benefited.

The future of your organization depends on innovation. In NetApp, we work with the purpose of turning the best ideas into products that make a positive impact on your work. 

We request and evaluate proposals so as to improve our products and to create others, which are not currently within our sight. Through our employees, the NetApp community and important universities, we identify and vote for the best research proposals.  

Our edgy technology group focuses on innovation in the following fields:

    File systems

    Distributed data administration

    Software quality


    Storage platforms

We work using product developers in order to seize the innovations and create new products that help you grow in your business.

New products


NetApp Data OnTap 8.1. Improves storage efficiency due to its massive scalability and uninterrupted operations.


By launching the latest version of the operative system Data Ontap 8.1, which Works in CUSTER MODE, NetApp for the first time brings to the market a unified platform of platform that is scalable, flexible, efficient, and able to respond to any demand and requirement from a company. Data Ontap 8.1 Cluster Mode is the basis for big shared storage virtualized infrastructures, designed to operate uninterruptedly during the system’s life span, ranking it firmly at the data center of the XXI century.


NetApp Data Ontap 8.1. Cluster Mode (NASDAQ: NTAP) offers compatibility between several hardware and software generations, which means the older versions of storage systems may coexist with recent ones in the same cluster. This allows to save technology expenses and to boost efficiency in data administration when being able to standardize from a unique unified architecture that scale and adapt to the current and future business magnitude.    


Data storage and protection efficiency  


Thanks to this operative system, data storage becomes highly efficient and considerably saves room, which allows more data to be stored at a lower cost. Besides, for data protection replication, backup and recovering services are provided through functional softwares, such as:


Thin provisioning: It consists in the creation of virtual size volumes. Such volumes appear to use all their capacity, but they are made smaller and they only use an additional space when it is really necessary. Additional storage that hasn’t been used is shared among all information volumes and they can expand or reduce according to demand.


Snapshot: It has the capacity of creating frequent backups that administer space efficiently and uninterruptedly in data traffic. Snapshot copies use minimum storage space. Files and directories can be easily recovered and any volume can be recovered in seconds.


Flex Clone: It is the creation of file and information volumes clones instantly and with no need of additional storage. It saves time when making trials and for storage capacity development and increase.


Deduplication: Process of duplication that eliminates superfluous data in the primary and secondary storage with flexibility, which saves room.


Compression: It compresses data, thus reducing storage capacity needed.


Snap Mirror: It keeps two copies of data online so as to protect the system from hardware failure. The volumes may be replicated in an asynchronous way whether it’s inside the same cluster or inside another one.


This way, Data Ontap 8.1 in cluster mode, is the first product that offers a complete solution for scalability, adaptable infrastructure, and storage permanently available for today’s high virtualization, providing companies with high operative efficiency that makes businesses grow and foresees market changes and demands.

Retrieving Data