Simple, strong communication for small and medium companies.


Successful companies are constantly trying to optimize resources, keeping their businesses innovative and competitive without increasing operative costs. In the pursuit of this purpose, Tech Data TS is working together with its channels so as to bring to the market all the new assets incorporated in IP Office 8.1 latest version, which shall generate new opportunities in a greater business niche.


Avaya IP Office is the right choice for every small company nowadays, whether you have 5, 25, 250 or 1000 employees, you are just beginning and already settled, you have only one office or you have several stores/offices.  


Avaya IP Office unifies its communications, providing their employees with a solution that allows them to perform all business communications using a device chosen by themselves: a laptop, a mobile phone, an office or home phone —using wired, wireless or broadband connection.


IP Office adapts easily to its goals and budget, and it provides the individual user with productivity solutions so as to give employees the exact skills they need; whether it is the receptionist, a sales rep, a customer support agent, a teleworker at home or a specialized employee out on site.


Helping small and major companies around the world to use communications so as to increase sales and lower operative expenses has led Avaya to become a global leader in corporate communication systems. If this is what you want for your small company, it is time to closely analyze the solution Avaya IP Office offers. Version 8.1 of IP Office also offers a new centralized administration and license granting that eliminate the complexity of supervising communications in different locations.

IP Office 8.1 can be composed by switches ERS 3500 recently announced, so as to automate network tuning. With just one command the switches will be automatically configured, and IP phones will be enabled in
Avaya IP Office. On the other hand, Avaya has announced that its app one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office is now available for iPhones (availability for Android devices had already been announced by then).





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