Tech Data’s SolutionsPath® vertical market strategy has demonstrated great success in adding incremental revenue to our business partners, growing customer business and increasing both our vendor and business partner market share. We are proud to present FinancialPath™ and  RetailPath™ for the first time ever for the Latin America and Caribbean market. We have completely adapted the competency framework, deliverables, methodology and core competencies to suit the Latin America and the Caribbean market needs.
During the vertical markets phase of the SolutionsPath Engagement Service, Tech Data issues an in-depth business analysis that benchmarks a specific vertical market.  This focuses strategic plans to with the specific industry business needs. The SolutionsPath Engagement Service also provides a robust training program covering market trends, business priorities and opportunity detection for the sales force of our VAR. This specialization will provide a higher closure rate during our targeted demand creation phase.  

 FinancialPath Opportunity

RetailPath Opportunity

The financial vertical market opportunity for IT is forecasted to be $11.15B in Latin America for 2012, with a 9.2% 4-year CAGR*

The retail vertical market opportunity for IT is forecasted to be $4.4B in Latin America for 2012, with a 8.5% 4-Year CAGR*

Key Growth Drivers

Key Growth Drivers

  • Increased regulatory requirements driving IT spend
  • Industry consolidation requires data center optimization
  • Competitive landscape driven by a more scrutinizing and demanding consumer base
  • Customer channels evolving requiring innovation and investment
  • Mid-market and SMB now playing “catch-up” to Tier 1s
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Cloud Computing
  • Multi-Channel Retailing
  • Legacy Systems
  • Economic Pressures
  • Self Service

* Source: IT Spend Fiscalized  Source: Gartner WW Ent Vertical IT Spend Jan 2012 (2010-2014 CAGR)